I didn’t realize that Google Translate now support Bahasa Indonesia – the Indonesia language – until i read from a forum. Well, i’m very delighted that there are Indonesian language in Google Translate. That means reader who don’t understand Indonesian also can read my post which I write in Indonesian.

But, looks like the translation is a little bit incorrect. Maybe this is not a mistake from Google Translate, maybe this is because of the Indonesian language itself. Why ? well, many Indonesian people write incorrect Indonesian. Indonesian people use slang language or stop words very often on their blog. And there are a lot of slang and stop words that has not been indexed by Google.

But, the Google Translate really useful. I use it for translating words. Sometime also translating sentences, but when the result is a little bit wrong, I just translate it word by word and rearrange it by myself. By the way, I’m suggesting a lot of better translation for Google Translate. For you who speak Indonesian, you better do that too, since it will improve the Google Translate ability to translate Indonesian into English.