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Funny Windows XP ringtone

My friends give me this ringtone. I just laugh out loud when I hear it. This ringtone is mixed from USB on/off sound. And also some Windows XP error sound. Go hear it, you might set this ringtone on your phone.

Download Funny Windows XP ringtone


Bali Asian Beach Games 2008

Maybe not many people know about 1st Asian Beach Games 2008 which held in Bali, Indonesia. But, for me who are Balinese (but currently college in Surabaya), the Bali Asian Beach Games 2008 is a big event.

I don’t know why Bali is chosen to be the host for this Asian event since there are 6 other country that show their interest. Maybe the athlete also want to have a vacation in Bali since there are many places you can visit in Bali.

I already make a post about Bali Asian Beach Games 2008 in my website about Bali.

I didn’t realize that Google Translate now support Bahasa Indonesia – the Indonesia language – until i read from a forum. Well, i’m very delighted that there are Indonesian language in Google Translate. That means reader who don’t understand Indonesian also can read my post which I write in Indonesian.

But, looks like the translation is a little bit incorrect. Maybe this is not a mistake from Google Translate, maybe this is because of the Indonesian language itself. Why ? well, many Indonesian people write incorrect Indonesian. Indonesian people use slang language or stop words very often on their blog. And there are a lot of slang and stop words that has not been indexed by Google.

But, the Google Translate really useful. I use it for translating words. Sometime also translating sentences, but when the result is a little bit wrong, I just translate it word by word and rearrange it by myself. By the way, I’m suggesting a lot of better translation for Google Translate. For you who speak Indonesian, you better do that too, since it will improve the Google Translate ability to translate Indonesian into English.