Sometimes, i need to code in javascript when working on the web application. I’m not an expert in javascript. I can only code the simple javascript. And lately, i code more in javascript than in PHP. Why ? Well, it’s all related with web 2.0. You all may know that term. The term that invented by O’reilly. That’s is not a new programming language or something that really new. But it is a new way to develop a web.

Well, i’m not gonna talk about web 2.0, i’m going to talk about how much will i code in Javascript. Since the new project will be code more in Javascript. Of course there are also in PHP too. But, i have already learn PHP so it’s not that hard to code the PHP.

I have collect a view list about web/blog that list (list of list 😀 ?) a great resource where you can learn more about Javascript. Maybe you don’t need it if you are an experti in Javascript. But, i learn more from this list.

40 Excellent resources for Javascript
As you can read on the title, there are 40 (more) resources about interesting Javascript stuff

Javascript and AJAX video Tutorial
A video about usage og Javascript and AJAX

Free ebook of PHP and Javascript
Get a free ebook of PHP and Javascript. Yes, I also need an ebook.

Javascript captha
Don’t laugh when you saw the screenshot of captcha

I only list that, there are many list but I’m not open all of then .