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cuil_com There are a new search engine on the net. The name is Cuil. Cuil is an old Irish word for knowledge. For knowledge, ask Cuil. On the website, Cuil said that Cuil searches more pages on the Web than anyone else—three times as many as Google and ten times as many as Microsoft. I don’t know whether this is true or not.

But, I’m preferred to search in scour than in Cuil. Since searching in scour, you can earn point and when you have enough point, you can change it with dollar.

Btw, this search engine have a really nice interfaces and fast loading website. I don’t whether this is my fast Internet connection 😀 or Cuil speed itself is fast. About the interfaces, the interfaces really good. The accordion panel on the right of search result makes me busy hover and hovering again to see the nice effect. Lately, I know that this effect using Mootools – a JavaScript framework.

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Biasanya aku sering lupa sama halaman-halaman web. Untuk itu, supaya enggak lupa, aku bookmark halaman itu. Bookmarknya bisa kusimpen di Mozilla Firefox (browser favorit nih) atau di Tapi belakangan saya jadi jarang ngebookmark blog-blog hasil blogwalking.

Kenapa ? Karena mungkin sudah hampir ratusan blog yang sudah aku bookmark. Sudah aku golongkan di berbagai kategori pula. Tapi masih aja scrollnya tetep panjang. Nah lho gimana tuh ? …

Akhirnya aku backup bookmarknya … kemudian aku bersihkan lagi semua daftar bookmark di Mozilla Firefox .. kamudian add lagi situs-situs yang penting … dan kembali nge-blogwalking. Sekarang kalau bukan situs yang bersifat personal dan penting banget, aku akan book di aja .. Kenapa ? yah secara (aww pake kata secara) kalo di kan gak gak ngabisin harddisk, trus enak ada tagnya. Kapan nih Firefox pake tag, ga pake kategori. Ato klo tetep pake kategori, permudah user supaya  bisa memberi kategori lebih dari 1. Ntar deh aku email developernya (cieh, kayak kenal aja :D) ..

Maw tau blog yang sudah aku bookmark bisa diliat di